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Yes, it’s pretty awesome to work in such a beautiful place. And just when you thought it couldn't get any sweeter,
now your CoLab membership entitles you to services and discounts locally and around the world!

One membership. One world. Introducing the Coworking Visa Program
The CoLab is a participating member of the Coworking Visa Program. Use your CoLab membership at other coworking spaces around the world! See the complete list of participating coworking spaces at

CoLab members get a 15% discount on domain name registration and web hosting services at Simply use promo code "colab1" during checkout to receive your discount.

Refer a friend! What could be cooler than working in a place with no boss, no extra office overhead, and no worries? Working alongside your favorite people! So invite your friends and get up to $100 toward your next month's membership. Just click the link at top of the screen after you sign into our website.

Corporate Perks - Just because we are self-employed doesn't mean entrepreneurs shouldn't enjoy the same benefits as the big boys. We've partnered with Corporate Perks so our members can participate in hundreds of loyalty discount programs. Create your account using company code "colab55" at

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