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Meetup #42 — What is SharePoint, anyway?

Is it a nebulous vision of some kind of intranetty Microsoft software package championed by pencil pushers in middle management?

Do you see visions of fluid data repositories living on cloud servers providing access to the informational lifeblood of modern companies?

Or perhaps you see something altogether different.. a glowing smear of mysterious orange dust hovering somewhere near the edge of the galaxy, with a soul as old as the very universe itself, observing us and all that happens around it far and wide, describing all it sees with an unknowable inner monologue?

Okay, it's probably not that last one, but you might be on the right track with those first two.

To help us find out what SharePoint is, how it can be used, and how it stacks up against other comparable services, local IT guru Al Bergstein will lead us through a magical journey of discovery and adventure through the platform and its many-faceted splendors.

More specifically:

"How and when might you use SharePoint with clients or your own needs? Why not Google, Box or Dropbox? What are the landmines and benefits of working with this simple looking but complex environment? Who are the good hosters? Who to stay away from? How do you administer it? What apps work with it? What is it’s relationship to Teams and Outlook? This presentation will be open Q&A and some brief overviews of the product. Not a fanboy of the product, just a nuts and bolts look at a very powerful tool that isn’t necessarily for everyone."

Al is well-suited to guide us through this intriguing landscape: he worked 12 years at Microsoft, taught computer operations at the UW Extension Program, and even assisted with IT at the Port Townsend Paper Company.

Hop on the Zoom call to learn more!

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