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Meetup #29 — Broadband in Jefferson County

Connectivity to data networks is a big deal. We use broadband data to work, communicate, watch movies, listen to music, and to post photos of our adorable pets on social media.

Living in a rural county, we have some special challenges to providing speedy data connections to everyone. Many people live out of reach of existing networks and for many others, existing internet options and infrastructure aren't sufficient.

So what are our options? What's on the agendas of the civic leaders and technology providers in the region to create a better future for broadband in Jefferson Country? And what can we do to help?

That is exactly what we'll be discussing at the next meetup. We'll run through some slides that give an overview of technologies and local players involved, hear from a couple special guests with an inside track on local broadband, then devote the rest of the session to discussion.

If you want to do a little reading and research before the meetup, this is a great place to start:

Of course, we'll have plenty of beer and pizza on hand to help facilitate lively conversation.

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Sponsored by Cro Software Solutions and the Colab

Once again we will be at The CoLab and we will be doing announcements and show-and-tell before the presentation starts. If you have any questions, feel free to post in the comments.

More information about this month's topic is available on our Meetup page >

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