The City of Port Townsend is in the process of conducting a “periodic update” to its comprehensive plan and development regulations. The comprehensive plan is a 20-year planning document that sets the framework for the physical, social, and economic development of the City. In addition to updating to meet state mandated requirements, this is a great opportunity for us to check in with the public on key issues and potential policy responses. What are the most pressing issues facing our community? How can we address them?

The Plan contains four fundamental concepts:

1. Maintaining our small town character
2. Providing public facilities within the City's financial resources
3. Achieving a better balance between jobs and housing
4. Accommodating Port Townsend's share of county-wide growth

For a short, readable summary of the planning process, please take a look at this document.

A Town Meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 24, 2015, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the Fort Worden Commons. More information is available here. Feedback can also be provided via the online survey until June 30. CoLab members and working professionals, please consider attending and sharing your perspective and vision. This is a chance to walk our talk and show that true "creative vitality" is measured not only by the size of our non-profits and the number of volunteer hours, but by our efforts to create sustainable and varied economic opportunity for all members of the community.

Written by Annalisa Barelli, Owen Rowe, and Luisa Walmsley

Photo and some text from City of Port Townsend
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