On Thursday, June 18th, CoLab supporters and anyone interested in hearing about inspiring projects throughout the county are invited to The CoLab’s 2nd Anniversary party at 237 Taylor Street, 2nd floor above the Silverwater Cafe, at Taylor and Washington Streets in downtown Port Townsend.

CoLab 2nd Anniversary Party
June 18th, 5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Program starts at 5:30, featuring:
Five Minutes of Brilliance: Collaboration and Innovation

The CoLab is pleased to present a program of short presentations showcasing stories from our community on the theme of Collaboration and Innovation. Come learn about new ideas that are born when people collaborate, as well as innovative tools that help people work together. Speakers range from high school students to the leaders of established institutions, and will cover a wide spectrum of topics including business, community building, agriculture, technology and the arts.  “There are so many inspiring things happening in this community”, says Rachel Williams, local small business consultant and CoLab Catalyst.  “This is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate some of the folks doing the work, and for all of us to be inspired, and maybe discover a way to plug in and do our part.”

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