When my wife and I were investigating places to move to, one particular organization in one particular town caught my attention: the CoLab coworking space in Port Townsend, Washington. I was surprised that this coastal town of about ten thousand residents, probably best known for its boat culture and artsy summer festivals, would be able to support such a place. Its existence seemed to signal that Port Townsend was more than just a sleepy tourist getaway and that it must be a place with enough community-minded independent professionals to warrant a dedicated space for them to work in. (As it turns out, that is true!) That notion spurred my imagination, reduced some uncertainty around moving my business and made a strange town feel more welcoming.

While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the space tipped the scales for eventually moving to Port Townsend — we already had plenty of reasons to relocate to this amazing place — I will say that the CoLab and its community has been a huge boon to myself and my business and has become an essential part of my life here on the Olympic Peninsula.


As I type this from my favorite CoLab workstation, natural light streams in through huge windows and the smell of freshly-brewed, locally-roasted Sunrise coffee tempts me to over-caffeinate. The quiet space enhances my focus and allows for undistracted thinking. Between bouts of productivity, I catch the activity on the street below: birds and deer in the early hours, cars and people in the afternoon. The old brick walls beside me suggest a deep history I have yet to fully research (a quick internet search tells me the building was constructed in 1889 and originally served as an Elks lodge). The high-speed internet, printer/copier, meeting spaces, extra monitors and kitchen provide all the necessities to work efficiently.


This space is a hub for entrepeneurs, telecommuters, retired hobbyists, frequent flyers, nonprofit professionals, wellness advocates, educators, community leaders and a host of other people. Co-owners Frank DePalma and Heather Dudley-Nollette have done an amazing job of creating a lovely place for people to work and collaborate and of promoting the conference rooms as a meeting place for local organizations. On any given day a dozen or so regulars settle in with their laptops at workspaces while visitors attend teaching sessions, small group meetings and larger community get-togethers in the conference rooms.



The Colab is currently running a Fall Special that is a heckuva deal: $200/month for full access to the space. If you’re a local, it’s a great time to give it a try so you can increase your productivity and network with some great people! For everyone else, feel free to stop by for a day of work that can be scheduled around a weekend getaway to the scenic Olympic Peninsula. It’s a great way to support the town and get to know some of the friendly, talented professionals shaping the business community here.

More information at: www.colabnw.com/fallspecial

Gage Choat