I just wanted to take a moment to share my experience with The CoLab in case anyone is on the fence about becoming a member, but more importantly to say thanks and let Port Townsend know about how rad of a place this is to be and work.

First of all, it's a beautiful and unique environment to work in. I'm currently sitting at an ergonomic desk with beautiful trees and downtown Port Townsend in view, and it doesn't hurt that I'm sipping really good Sunrise Coffee that is always available. No weak Folgers here.

Second, I look forward to seeing the regulars and catching up as a break from my work. Something that gets missed when working from home or rented private offices is the social aspect. Being an introvert means for me that I like to be around people, but not always engaged. At The CoLab, I have the option to do either.
Third, and not to be underrated, because of getting to know people here my business has been awarded several decent size design contracts, all of which are local and that I'm very excited about. So, for someone who would never go to a "networking" event, The CoLab has taken care of that aspect for me organically.

Lastly, Frank DePalma and Heather Dudley-Nollette, owners of the CoLab, are awesome hosts and stewards of local business. I've been accommodated in all ways necessary for me to have a good work environment, and their flexibility with all of our needs is above and beyond.

The one question I get is "will I be able to concentrate with others working and talking?” Truthfully, the noise isn't much of an issue, most of us are working away with background music coming out of the space's tiny speakers. When I do need deep concentration, I put my headphones on and listen to electronic elevator music. The benefits of the space, friends, comfy & efficient place to work, fast internet and printing, and not having to manage an office surely outweigh the occasional need for headphones.

It's important to all of us here to keep The CoLab community growing, so if you're on the fence, come on in and give it a shot.

Danny McEnerney

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