What a great privilege it was to work with such talented workshop participants in this month's Co-U class, Presenting Your Business With Confidence!  I'm continually amazed at the talent and the grounded yet innovative thinking that emanates from so many Jefferson County business people and citizens.

In the workshop, we got to spend 90-minutes practicing, critiquing and reflecting on those simple yet effective techniques that can make the difference between a hum-drum presentation, and one that immediately and consistently engages the hearts and minds of audience members and potential clients.  I learned some new things that I'll look forward to testing out, and I hope the participants took away a solid toolbox of accessible intuitive presentation techniques to practice and put to use.

Although our course notes were jam-packed with lots of great tricks to try out on our next audience, one of the solid pieces of wisdom that this sage group of seasoned business people reminded me about was that whomever you're presenting to - or selling to - or teaching, wants you to succeed at engaging them with your message.  They want to feel the love!  And most often, they want to return it.  As we're working so diligently to say just the right thing (in just the right way) to interest our audience and/or clients in our business message, one of the best things we can ever do is to tell the story of our own humanity and to share our authentic passion about the work we do and how we think it can add value.

Thank you, to all the participants, for sharing your humanity and your valuable time with me this week.


The Co-U Community Education Series will go on "summer break" for July and August, but keep an eye out for fall programming to start up again in September: www.ptcolab.com/events.  And we always welcome your Co-U topic suggestions, so please keep 'em coming! ([email protected])

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