We are constantly working to improve our members' experience both in the space and on our website. We designed the new member portal to help our members manage their accounts, teams and bookings.

We've recently released a new version of the member’s portal which includes all the features included in our V3 update, such as:
  • A much faster navigation between sections and loading times
  • A new dashboard for members and teams to keep on top of their upcoming bookings, events, payments, etc...
  • New dedicated sections to manage visitors and deliveries
  • New dedicated sections to show FAQs, discounts and perks
  • A new shopping cart check-out experience to make joining plans, making bookings or buying other products much simpler
  • A new integration with Google calendar to allow anyone to see bookings straight from their own calendar
  • Better discussion boards and messaging system
  • Hundreds of smaller improvements throughout the portal
Please take a look and let us know what you think!
~ Frank & Heather
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