As we attempt to gaze into a crystal ball to envision the future of our local coworking community, we value your ideas and strive to create the environment that serves the most needs. We're here because you make it fun to come to work. And we'll keep working to support this community as our collective needs evolve. Thank you for being a part of the team!

Our new five-question survey asks for your concerns and ideas about how to keep the space safe and welcoming for all our members, meeting room users and the community at large. 


Here are some of the health measures currently in place at the CoLab:

  1. New signage and instructions for masks*, hand washing and cleaning

  2. Hand sanitizer and cleaning products throughout the space

  3. Rearranged work stations for increased social distancing

  4. Limited meeting space occupancy

  5. New no-touch paper towel dispensers in both bathrooms

  6. Exhaust fans for increased ventilation

  7. Furnace filters designed to help remove viruses from the air

  8. New free video conferencing software for members

  9. Real-time occupancy monitoring on our website


* Masks are recommended when circulating throughout the space and when members are using common spaces. Most members are lowering their masks while working at a station or otherwise consistently distanced.

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