The CoLab engages Jefferson County independent professionals by providing an inspiring collaborative work environment. We’re evolving as an innovative network of small businesses, contributing to the sustainability of our local community.

About The CoLab

The CoLab is a group of independent professionals that cowork in Port Townsend to collaborate and share ideas. We enjoy each other's company and cowork in a productive workspace with shared resources like a kitchen, meeting rooms, and workshops.

In Jefferson County, we have a growing number of home-based businesses. These entrepreneurs can quickly begin to feel a lack of connection, simply by the fact that they spend most of their days in front of a laptop or other task at their kitchen tables, alone. In 2011, we started gathering a small group of these entrepreneurs together in the same room, just a couple of days a week, to work alongside one another and to share ideas when they struck.  That peer group continued to evolve and significantly informed our decision to open an “official” dynamic coworking space in Port Townsend.

During this discovery phase, we continued to be directly involved in our community by volunteering for local organizations, several of which have "economic development" as part of their mission. New concepts such as “coopitition”, which balances “cooperation” and “competition” to represent a new paradigm, have become part of our local conversation.   The coworking movement is a powerful physical representation of "the new economy”, and The CoLab is evolving naturally out of our community’s collaborative, project-based economic engine.

We believe that coworking is one of the single biggest imminent game-changers for rural economics, and we’re thrilled to announce that The CoLab is open for business!  For your business.  As more of us choose this small town quality of life, the need for a world-class facility to work, connect, and collaborate grows every day.

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